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We help food companies to preserve and enhance their products with recycled and recyclable plastic trays. >>



We design and develop elegant packaging for the cosmetics sector that ensures the transport of products to the point of sale and enhances the brand image. >>



We ensure integrity during transport and storage of industrial parts with thermoformed and heat-sealed plastic trays. >>

We help you find the optimal solution for the packaging and transport of your products.

Biblox Group

Packaging solutions

We facilitate the preservation, presentation and transport of any product in a safe and efficient way with recycled and recyclable plastic trays.

Our expertise in multiple sectors and applications, allows us to find the most suitable solutions and materials for each product and function, developing products tailored to meet any needs.

Circular Economy

We support the efficient reuse of resources through our recycled products and efficient waste management.


Our 2500 m2-plus of storage capacity allows us to deliver a high quality service to our customers.

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We hold the most demanding certifications in our sector to ensure the quality of your products.

We work with our customers to develop the best solutions and offer the best service. We have earned the trust of many companies in the market. These are some of them. If you need a customised quote for your products or if you would like us to provide you with more information about our solutions for your sector, please fill out the form and we will contact you immediately.

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