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Attractive packaging with good fit and elegant design for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

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Functional thermoformed packaging

We help companies in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry to enhance their brands for the end consumer with functional thermoformed packaging that enhances the product and allows for attractive packaging in different shapes.

At Biblox, we know the importance of packaging in the purchasing process of the end consumer. Beauty product packaging must stand out not only for its aesthetics but also for its quality and innovation.


Carefully crafted design.


Safety and security.


Added value for the product.

Bandejas termoformadas de cosmética y farmacia

Cosmetic and pharmacy trays with design

Resistance combined with aesthetics

At Biblox, we make packaging trays for both individual products and packs that keep the product in the correct position thanks to a firm hold.

Presentation plays a key role in cosmetic products, and the trays on which they are placed are key to capturing the attention and captivating the consumer, as well as enhancing brand identity.

Cosmetic pack


Ductile and resistant materials for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry

Our thermoformed trays for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry are specially designed for each brand, according to their aesthetics and always taking into account the need for the end product to be attractive.
We use resistant materials that allow the combination of products as well as a firm hold to prevent them from sliding around inside the package or box. The recycled and/or recyclable materials are manufactured in transparent and/or coloured fashion and with different degrees of rigidity.




Our thermoformed packaging is manufactured for any product in the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry.

Our expertise in creating innovative and sophisticated packaging is aligned with brand strategies, enhances visibility as well as that of the product. We develop customised projects tailored to meet our customer needs.

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