Cosmetics and Pharmacy


Plastic packs and trays for cosmetics and perfumes

Bespoke package design

Presentation plays a key role in cosmetic products, and the tray on which they are placed is key to catching the eye and captivating the consumer.

Cosmetic trays and packages aligned with brand identity

Cosmetic trays are essential for the differentiation of the product on which they are used, by enhancing the brand message and identity.

Características de las bandejas para packs cosméticos


Whether for individual packs or combos (cologne + cream + deodorant...), trays for cosmetic products require more than functionality, as they must be aligned with the message and aesthetics that the brand is trying to convey.


Each cosmetic pack is unique and customised to the needs of each application and customer, including the functional aspects of support, position and firmness.


Cosmetics and perfumery products are fragile, so it is crucial to ensure resistance to unintended incidents (e.g. dropping product on the floor, etc.) during handling and transport.

Cosmetic packs made from recycled and recyclable material

Our packs and trays are made from recyclable plastic materials, which offer the firmness, flexibility and ductility required for this application. The most common materials are:



Specialities for cosmetic packs

The high level of customisation of the trays for perfumery and cosmetics means that each model is unique and different, adapted to the needs of each brand, for which we carry out projects tailored to meet the needs of each customer.

We design packaging for your products

We have a technical team of engineers who will analyse your products to offer you an optimised solution. If you need to reduce costs or materials, or ensure the integrity of complex products during storage or transport, at Biblox, we will create a specific packaging for your goals, always complying with current standards.

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