Cosmetics and Pharmacy


Plastic trays for the transport and display of vials and ampoules for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use.

Useful packaging for cosmetic and pharmaceutical treatments

Vials or ampoules are usually packed in special trays according to the number of units that are required, allowing for easy consumption by the end customer.

Breakage protection and functional design

Vials and ampoules are fragile, as they are usually made of glass, so packaging must be strong and ductile in order to adjust the most suitable shape for proper use.

Características bandejas farmacéuticas y cosméticas


Each model is adapted to the size and number of vials, preventing vials from touching each other and thus preventing damage. As these are high added-value products, it is important that they are as attractive as well as functional.


The material must be sufficiently stiff to protect vials and ampoules from shocks during handling and transport, as well as from dust and environmental impurities.

Optimal materials for vial and ampoule packaging

Our trays are made from recyclable plastic materials that offer the transparency, strength and lightweight characteristics best suited for this application.



Specialities for vials and ampoules

Each model is specifically designed as it has to match the aesthetics of each brand. The high customisation of our trays for vials and ampoules implies customised designs tailored to meet the needs of each application, product or brand.

We design packaging for your products

We have a technical team of engineers who will analyse your products to offer you an optimised solution. If you need to reduce costs or materials, or ensure the integrity of complex products during storage or transport, at Biblox, we will create a specific packaging for your goals, always complying with current standards.

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