Preserve and enhance your products with recycled and recyclable plastic trays, flexible and with the most demanding quality and food safety certifications.

Safe food packaging, according to the strictest quality certifications

Biblox has the European BRC certification for the manufacture of food packaging. This certification ensures compliance with EU regulations, offering maximum safety to the consumer.

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Optimal hygiene practices
Biblox ECO

Food preservation and recovery trays

Lifestyles change and so does packaging.

At Biblox, we are constantly searching for the most suitable formats and materials for cooking or preservation processes for the end consumer or processed food companies that have to transport fresh or processed products on a daily basis.

Frozen products

Refrigerated products

Microwavable products

Standard trays

We have a wide variety of trays and food packaging, both standard and specific designs for any application or product. All the materials we work with are BRC certified and comply with the highest food safety standards. The most common materials used in our food packaging are:






We manufacture packaging for the most common specialities in the food sector.

We have extensive experience in creating packaging that not only ensures food hygiene and preservation but also enhances its visual appearance. If you do not find the one that best suits your needs, contact us and we will advise you.

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