Confectionery and bakery

Special thermoformed packaging and trays for confectionery and bakery.

Specially designed trays and packaging for bakery and confectionery products

Thermoformed plastic trays are the most suitable solution for the presentation and preservation of biscuits, cakes, pastries and confectionery in general, due to their innovative design and rigidity.

Elegant packaging design and long-lasting protection

Confectionery products, such as biscuits, chocolates and cakes, have specific packaging needs as a large part of their added-value lies in the presentation, which has to be both practical and elegant.


The design of these packages is attractive, and is often specific for a particular brand and purpose, enhancing the packaging and product identification.


Confectionery products must retain their organoleptic properties for as long as possible, maintaining their texture and flavour. It is important to avoid condensation in the packaging, which could soften or alter the product, when storing at low temperatures.


Biscuits, cakes and other bakery products are particularly delicate and fragile, so proper protection during handling and transport is critical to avoid unwanted damage.

Thermoformed trays and BRC-certified packaging for bakery and confectionery products

Thermoformed packaging and trays are characterised by their rigidity, are recyclable and incorporate recycled materials and, despite their high degree of customisation, investment and modification costs are relatively inexpensive.



Anti-fog PET film

We customise your packaging and trays according to your needs.

Thermoformed packaging and trays for bakery and confectionery are generally unique for each brand as they reflect the quality and status of the product. The customisation of trays is essential in these products, so we perform customised designs depending on the specific use and requirements on a case-by-case basis.

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