Customised trays

If you need customised packaging solutions for your food products or you want to differentiate your company from your competitors regarding the packaging of your products, we offer you specialised advice throughout the whole process.

Tell us your idea or need

Whether you are in the fresh or pre-cooked food product sector, our team of experts will analyse your company’s requirements to offer you the most suitable solutions for your sector or type of product. We design trays with recycled and recyclable materials and comply with the highest hygiene standards according to the BCR certificate.

Designing and manufacturing your packaging or tray

1. Advice

We analyse your technical and aesthetic requirements to offer you the best solution.

2. Design

We design a product designed for your brand and show it to you in 2D and 3D.

3. Prototype

We produce a prototype to validate the final solution.

4. Template

We develop the template in our country under strict technical and quality control standards.

5. Production

We produce packaging in compliance with the strictest regulations.

6. Transport

We transport the goods to the customer's facilities.

We design packaging for your products

We have a technical team of engineers who will analyse your products to offer you an optimised solution. If you need to reduce costs or materials, or ensure the integrity of complex products during storage or transport, at Biblox, we will create a specific packaging for your goals, always complying with current standards. If you need customised packaging solutions for the transport and storage of your technical products, we offer you expert advice throughout the entire process. We design sturdy, stackable packaging with good fit made of recycled and recyclable materials.

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