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Thermoformed packaging for the preservation of fish, seafood and salted fish.

Plastic trays for fish, seafood and salted fish products

Our thermoformed plastic trays are perfect for protecting fish and seafood from bacterial degradation and enzymatic spoilage, allowing for a longer shelf life.

Plastic trays that extend the shelf life of fish, seafood and salted fish products

Fish and seafood are particularly delicate to preserve because of their natural tendency to decompose due to enzymatic and bacterial degradation, as well as their propensity to generate strong odours due to the presence of water.


Our packaging is specially designed to promote the reduction of moisture in fish and seafood, thus slowing down natural decomposition processes.


Our packages are suitable for preserving fish and seafood in inert atmospheres and at low temperatures, down to -40ºC, which extends their shelf life. They also allow the application of new non-thermal technologies such as high hydrostatic pressure (HPP) to improve sanitisation processes whilst maintaining the characteristics and quality of the end product.


Salted fish products as well as fish and seafood are particularly prone to characteristic odours, the spread of which through the refrigerator is prevented by our thermoformed plastic trays.

Eco-friendly, affordable and BRC-certified food packaging

Thermoformed plastic trays for the preservation of fish, seafood and salted fish can be made of different materials, incorporating barrier materials that extend the shelf life of foodstuffs. The most common materials are:






Fish, seafood and salted fish specialities

We have a wide range of plastic packages suitable for use with fish, seafood and salted fish, tailored to meet the specific needs of each brand.

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