Nuts Snacks

Our thermoformed plastic trays are particularly suitable to enhance the presentation of nuts and snacks, thanks to their attractive design and transparency.

Visually appealing plastic packaging for nuts and snacks to enhance the product.

Nuts and snacks are healthy foods and an innovatively designed plastic packaging increases their visibility and improves their shelf life.

Recyclable packaging that protects and preserves nuts and snacks for longer

Características de las bandejas para frutos secos


The design of these packs is attractive, specially designed to improve the visibility of the product, enhancing its presentation and respecting RAL standards wherever possible.


Our trays ensure the correct preservation of the nuts, slowing down their natural degradation and increasing the shelf life of the product.


They prevent damage to the packaged product from unintended occurences (e.g. dropping products on the floor, etc.) during handling and transport, as well as contamination with environmental impurities.

BRC-certified trays for the preservation of nuts and snacks

The composition of the plastic packaging guarantees that it does not react with the nuts it protects, as the materials used, both single-layered and multi-layered, are inert. The most common materials are:







Bio-compostable PLA

Specialities for nuts and snacks

Depending on the intended application and the type of food to be packaged, we offer various standard packaging models suitable for the preservation of any types of nuts and snacks.

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