Perishable Meat Products

Hygienic transparent plastic packaging especially suitable for storing perishable meat products under optimal conditions.

Special packaging for the preservation and enhancement of meat products

Plastic trays are designed to pack food in protective atmospheres. Hence, they are protected from natural degradation and deterioration during handling processes, extending their shelf life and keeping the product in optimum hygienic and visual conditions.

Packaging that extends the shelf life of perishable foods

Meat is a perishable product with a relatively short shelf life that can be extended if it is packaged in a protective atmosphere by replacing the oxygen inside the package with an inert gas.


The materials used in the manufacture of the packaging do not decompose so that there is no undesirable migration into the food.


They protect foodstuffs from environmental impurities, contact and shocks during handling and transport.


Over time, perishable foods can give off odours. Plastic packaging with a protective atmosphere keeps these odours inside, preventing them from being dispersed outside the package.

Recyclable food packaging made from recycled material

Plastic containers for the preservation of perishable products are both single-layered and multi-layered, occasionally including barrier materials that extend the shelf life of foodstuffs.






Specialities for perishable meat products

There are several packaging models suitable for use with perishable meat foods, in various shapes depending on the requirements of each application.

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