Pre-cooked meals

Trays for the optimal preservation and preparation of pre-cooked meals.

Special packaging for food use

Biblox trays have BRC certifications for food use, and are suitable for refrigeration and freezing of pre-cooked meals, maintaining their visual appearance, flavour and sanitary conditions. They are microwave-resistant without altering the food properties.

Packaging designed for the preservation and recovery of foodstuffs

Plastic trays are designed to visually present food, and protect it from natural deterioration during handling, extending its shelf life.

Frozen products

The special trays for pre-cooked meals can withstand temperatures down to -40°C. Therefore, they are suitable for frozen food.

Refrigerated products

Our packages preserve food from natural deterioration, without altering its organoleptic properties during storage in the refrigerator.

Microwavable products

Our microwave-safe packages allow food to be heated in the microwave as they can withstand temperatures up to 140ºC without degrading or suffering unwanted migration to the food.

Optimal materials for preserving pre-cooked meals

Biblox food plastic trays can be single or multi-layered, including barrier materials that extend the shelf life of food, commonly being made of:




Pre-cooked specialities

We have various tray models suitable for use with any type of pre-cooked food, in shapes adaptable to the needs of each application, whether for menus or prepared food.

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