Multi-purpose parts trays for the automotive industry.

Thermoformed trays made to measure

Our trays are designed according to the products to be transported, and are manufactured in different thicknesses depending on the components to be packaged, being durable and reusable.

Technical and functional packaging for the automotive industry

Automotive parts trays have a high technical component as they have to ensure maximum protection of the parts while maximising the number of parts per container, by optimising transport costs.

Características de las bandejas para el transporte de componentes de automoción


Our made to measure design caters for each need and is of a high quality, given that it must ensure both the protection of the parts, which are sometimes very fragile, and their correct layout to maximise the useful space.


Where height permits, filled trays can be stacked to maximise storage capacity, while protecting the interior parts from dust and impurities.


Once used, they can be easily slotted together to reduce the space required for their return and subsequent reuse.

Durable materials for long-lasting packaging

The materials used in the manufacture of parts trays are resistant and have a high impact absorption capacity. Our trays are made of recyclable plastic materials, which allow them to be produced in variable thicknesses depending on the application and the weight of the parts, ensuring strength and lightness at the same time.





Specialities for workpiece trays

Each model is specifically designed due to the high customisation of the trays for the transport of parts, which is why we develop tailor-made projects adapted to the needs of each application.

We design packaging for your products

We have a technical team of engineers who will analyse your products to offer you an optimised solution. If you need to reduce costs or materials, or ensure the integrity of complex products during storage or transport, at Biblox, we will create a specific packaging for your goals, always complying with current standards.

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